Wrapping up the World Tour

My "chilling on the beach" days are over!

Sadly tonight (Friday) is officially our last night before we head back to South Africa, and bring this trip to a close.  We are currently on a flight from Bali, Indonesia to Singapore.  After strict luggage restrictions over the past three months, I can finally let loose and shop till I drop in Singapore.  If I have energy left!  Andy has decided that we should “go out with a bang” and booked us into the Ritz-Carlton for the night – to make up for all the “roughing it” we had to endure lately.  (Not really!)  Hotels (even 5 star) in Singapore are much cheaper than their Western equivalents.  That’s how we are rationalising it anyway.

Our last day on the beaches of Bali

We have also arranged to have dinner with Andy’s brother this evening.  He lives in London, but is in Singapore on business.  We tried to meet up with him on our way through Heathrow at the start of our trip, but to no avail.  Attempt number 2 should work!  We are going to start the evening off with Singapore Sling cocktails.

With the trip winding down, I thought I’d compile a quick spreadsheet (Excel is like riding a bicycle I discovered) of some the numbers of the tour:

95: Total number of tour days
33: Number of flights (we were flying about every 3rd day of the tour – crazy!)
22: Number of different hotels we stayed in
5: Number of self-catering apartments we stayed in
2: Number of home stays (Denver and Auckland)
2: Number of boat stays (Caribbean Cruise & Great Barrier Reef Live-aboard)
2: Number of bus trips
5: Number of train trips
6: Number of cars we hired

I started counting the taxi rides, but gave up!

We arrive in OR Tambo airport on Sunday morning.  Apparently South Africa has been experiencing freezing temperatures – so that’s what we to look forward to!  Oh well, this tropical holiday can’t last forever.  Watch out for probably one more post after this….

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5 Responses to Wrapping up the World Tour

  1. Barbara says:

    Have a wonderful evening with Dave. We also met up with Dave in Singapore when we were en route to Shanghai for Special Olympics. Dave needs to take you to Harry’s Bar as well! Are you staying at the same hotel as Dave? Chat soon. Love you lots

  2. Barbara says:

    Thanks for the call last night Andy. Cant wait to see you again.
    Hope we dont have to wait too long! Enjoy the “last hours”. Are you going to have a “last supper” with Dave? Take care. Travel safe.

  3. mikael and olwen says:

    We met you in Palau, we see that you’re now come back. Hope the return is not too hard. What a nice travel you did, it is a pleasure to read your blog. All the best.

  4. mikael and olwen says:

    Hi again, hope you feel good. Just a comment to give you our email address in case you come in France one day and if you want some information or if you can meet us. Could you send us your email address, as we are interested to come in South Africa… not in this trip but maybe in few years 🙂

  5. A round of applause for your blog. Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged. Benny Leicester Alf

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