PS: Extra comments on Australia

A cute Koala

Traveling and transiting affords one the luxury of time.  Time to read or write (blogs)…if you’re not too exhausted, that is!  We are currently traveling to Palau, Micronesia.  Two flights, a day’s transit at Guam in-between, has meant that I have had some spare time to write a little more on Australia.

I’ve heard it said that “Australia is a fantastic country, except for one minor downside….the Australians!”  I can’t say that I have had enough interaction with Aussies to form a substantiated option.  If their cricket players are anything to go by, then I don’t like them one bit!  But I believe that would be an unfair sample to take.  One thing I can vouch for is the country itself.  It sure is beautiful.  And clean.  And efficient.  And has a nicer climate than it’s rainy and wet neighbour New Zealand.

Eating icecream on our last night in Cairns, pronounced "Cannes"

The accent is obviously comical to me.  And then there is that Australian Slang.  There are the well known slang words such a “Barbi” (barbeque) , “Sheila” (woman) and “No worries mate”, but we came across some new ones during our stay:
“Shark biscuit”: Beginner Surfer
“Arvo”: afternoon
“Pokies”: poker machines
“Togs”: swim suit
“Chook”: a chicken
“Click”: kilometre – “it’s 10 clicks away”
“Dinkum, fair dinkum”: true, real, genuine

Our rented apartment

“Bush telly”: campfire
“Billy”: teapot
“Coldie”: a beer
“Esky”: coolerbox
“Footy”: Australian Rules football
“Good onya”: good for you
“Trackies”: Tracksuit
“Ugg boots” Australian sheepskin boots
“Pash”: a long passionate kiss
“Thongs”: cheap rubber backless sandals (not what South Africans refer to!)

Just an ordinary Australian setting


Jokes aside, a recent survey revealed that Australia was ranked the 2nd “Best Country to be a Mother”, just behind Norway.  i.e. the report compares the well-being of mothers and children across the world.  Afghanistan came last – no surprise there.  The survey was based on mortality rates of mothers and children, maternity leave, health-care for mothers and children etc. And they used 164 countries in the survey.  Okay, in Norway the Government is desperately trying to encourage woman to have children, as they aren’t having any.  So they are throwing all sorts of incentives and benefits at the problem.  But that is good going for Australia – 2nd overall!  The US ranked a mere 31.  (South Africa is so far out of the ballpark…)  I think the idea is that happy, healthy mothers means happy, healthy kids, and should mean a good future for that country.

That’s all for now.  Rumour has it that my traveling compatriot has the inkling to do some blogging of his own for a change.  So watch this space!

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  1. Cheri Luck says:

    Fascinating. Sure makes me want to go. Can’t wait to hear about Pulau. Notice the ice cream indulgence on every continent.

  2. Clive says:

    I support two teams … 🙂

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